Applications now open

We are pleased to announce that our application window is now open until July 15.

Diploma : We welcome candidates to apply who have a Bachelors degree, Bac+3 or a Licence in the Bologna system LMD.

Language : We welcome students who have a B2 level of English or French in the CECR (Common European Framework Reference).

Interview : Once the application form has been submitted and processed, we will conduct a 2-step interview process : a first interview will be conducted with your local representative, the one closest to your geographic zone, with one of our professors; the second and final interview will be conducted by Ellen Wasylina, Jean-Paul Pancracio or François Mabille, our board members and selection committee for this first cohort.

Submit your application form today and set the date for your first interview with one of our professors in your neighborhood: Paris, Brussels, Bucharest, Dubai, Hamburg, Istanbul, Malmö, Tartu, Tunis

Application form :

Extra Courses will boost your chances to succeed in our Masters program, which starts on September 5. Check out our offering over Summer :

Good luck! Bonne chance !

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