À unique opportunity

The Trocadéro Forum Institute (TFI) offers a unique opportunity not only to its students , but to its future employers .

The Trocadéro Forum Institute (TFI) brings together a stellar group of academics (95% have PhDs), who are currently teaching in universities of higher education in more than 10 major cities in Europe and the Mediterranean Sea région .

Our mission is not only to train our students in Sustainability, but also in Leadership and Diplomacy, in three language tracks : English, French and Turkish. And we would like to offer them internships during their two-year program in our vast network .

Here is a message to future students : how would you like to have an internship in the Summer of 2023? And 2024? And find a job at the end of your 2-year Masters?

Here is a message for future employers : how would you like to provide interns with perhaps their first professional opportunity? And perhaps hire them after the second internship in the Summer 2024?

You now have the opportunity to support a student through your generous donation by giving to TFI. What a better way to support future leaders in Sustainability, perhaps your future employee and encourage them to succeed through your financial support ?

TFI is a French registered non-profit Association 1901 and can accept your donation today. Here is the French law that is in effect :

Il existe plusieurs formes de dons pouvant être faits par un particulier au profit d’une association :

  • le don simple, appelé don manuel
  • la donation de son vivant
  • le legs (transmission après le décès), par le biais du testament
  • la désignation comme bénéficiaire d’un contrat d’assurance vie

Une association peut recevoir ces différentes formes de dons en application de l’article 6 de la loi du 1er juillet 1901 relative au contrat d’association. Cette réduction d’impôt de 75 % pour un don d’un montant inférieur ou égal à 1 000 € a été appliquée, à titre exceptionnel en 2020 et 2021. La loi de finances pour 2022 (article 77) prolonge ce dispositif exceptionnel jusqu’au 31 décembre 2023.

We would like to arrange a pitch contest in June for students who have submitted their application fee and their form and match them with corporate sponsors which are willing to offer them a job opportunity .

Will you rise to the challenge ?

For details about the application process and the corporate process, please contact us.

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