Exécutive seminars

Ellen Wasylina

Based in Paris, Ellen Wasylina is pleased to bring together her colleagues in a dozen countries, speaking a dozen languages to provide unparalleled insight and expertise in your city, in a hybrid format, or entirely on line.

TFI also offers bespoke Executive seminars with our group of distinguished and seasoned experts in a dozen countries.

Governance transition

Preparing government officials for a political transition in a short time is essential. Our bespoke intensive seminar prepares officials at all levels of government for a political transition and accompanies them in leadership and capacity building, sustainable governance, risk, cybersecurity, women in diplomacy, investment in innovation and R & D. Every seminar is tailored to the client’s needs and can be done in English, French, Turkish. Other languages are available on request.

CSR/ESG Investment

Transitioning from Corporate Social Responsibility to Economic Social Governance (ESG) investment reduces risk and creates value for your clients and for your employees. The COVID pandemic demonstrated that we can not take climate change for granted, and that we have to work towards achieving carbon neutrality, all the while satisfying shareholders and stakeholders. The weak link is the supply chain.

Investment and Innovation

How to invest responsibly to attract investors and employees, while all the while ensuring risk-adjusted financial returns? By doing impact investment, adhering to the UN SDGs, by doing socially responsable investing (SRI), and investing sustainably, for the long term.

Intercultural Communication

How to understand and communicate in different cultures and different markets, and avoid the 7 errors , such as pigeonholing, direct eye contact etc.

Digital Marketing

How to conceive and execute a digital marketing campaign that is in line with corporate objectives, how to use the marketing wheel and all the tools in an integrated marketing strategy and retroplanning, achieving an ROI of 4,400%!

Media Coaching/Training

It’s not enough to have a message, especially in the crowded multi-hybrid media environment. We help you define your message, adapt it to the media stream and give you the confidence you need to deliver it effectively.

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