Masters programs

Ellen Wasylina is pleased to bring together her academic colleagues to offer this innovative online two-year Masters program, unique in offering it only online and in three different language tracks. Based in Paris, we are pleased to have our professors in Bucharest, Budapest, Brussels, Hamburg, Istanbul, Malmö, Tartu, and Tunis, teaching classes in English, French, German and Turkish.

We offer a two-year Masters in Sustainable Leadership & Diplomacy

Master 1

In this first year, we offer 3 language tracks ( English, French, Turkish) in Diplomacy, Mediation and Risks, Governance, Economic Diplomacy, International Affairs, Contemporary Security, Cybersecurity, Maritime Security, Human rights, Intercultural management, Circular Culture.

Master 2

In the second year, we offer three language tracks and continue to build on the first year with Diplomatic techniques, Crisis negotiations, CSR/ESG investment, Environmental Diplomacy, Foreign Policy analysis, European Security, Protection at Sea, Circular Culture.


To apply for our Masters programs, you must have a Bachelors degree and possess an adequate linguistic level (B2) to study in one of the three language tracks : English, French or Turkish. Over Summer, TFI will offer TOEIC and DELF preparatory classes online, as well as cultural seminars/visits available in person in Hamburg and a Master class in Circular Culture in Paris.

Inscriptions are open from April 4th, 2022.

Schedule your interview and apply by July 1st.

The Fall Semester begins on September 5, 2022.

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