We are a small team of dedicated professors in several different countries, speaking and teaching in a half-dozen languages, providing geographic, geopolitical and geoeconomic expertise and perspectives, vital for future decisonmakers, leaders in Sustainable Leadership & Diplomacy.


Professor, Sustainable Leadership & Diplomacy 🇺🇸🇫🇷, Paris

Founder of the Trocadéro Forum, president and founder of the Trocadéro Forum Institute (TFI), former president and founder of a Parisian think-tank, International Geostrategic Maritime Observatory (IGMO, 2011-2018), editor in chief of their flagship publication, Geostrategic Maritime Review (GMR), author, international speaker, lecturer, media commentator.

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Professor, Diplomacy 🇫🇷, Paris

Expertise : International law, Law of the Sea and Seaside (international law/ Administrative law), Diplomatic law, Protocol and ceremonial, Diplomatic Institutions, Diplomatic History, Lecturer.

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Francois MABILLE

Professor, Crisis Mediation , Religion, Prospective 🇫🇷, Paris

Secretary General of the International Federation of Catholic Universities (IFCU), Researcher at the Groupe Sociétés, Religions, Laïcités (Societies, Religions, and Secularisms Group) (GSRL-CNRS), Director of the Observatoire géopolitique du religieux – IRIS (Geopolitical Religion Monitoring Center).

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Katalin BOGYAY

Lecturer, Soft Power & Multilateral Diplomacy 🇭🇺, Budapest

Ambassador Bogyay was elected in 2021 as President of United Nations Association – Hungary, and set up her consultancy network, Women4Diplomacy, Member of  the Hungarian National Commission for UNESCO,  she is visiting lecturer of Soft power and Multilateral diplomacy, Women empowerment and Intercultural Communication atBudapest Corvinus University, Mathias Corvinus Collegium, the Hungarian Diplomatic Academy, and giving lectures on Psychology and Diplomacy at Columbia University. The author of several books and publications, she is also a guest lecturer and public speaker worldwide. She served as the 15th Permanent Representative of Hungary to the  United Nations, New York for six years (2015- 2020) and as her country’s Permanent Delegate to the United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization, UNESCO in Paris (2009-2014) . 

Ambassador Bogyay was elected President of UNESCO 36th General Conference , and served as Director of London Hungarian Cultural Centre (1999-2006). Prior to her diplomatic career Katalin worked as a television broadcaster, film maker and theatre- music critic in Budapest and London. She is the author of many books. 

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Lecturer, expert in Geopolitics 🇹🇳, Tunis

Elle est  experte en géopolitique , elle a enseigné dans les écoles supérieures militaires (l’Ecole d’état-major et l’Ecole supérieur de guerre), en charge d’histoire militaire et de la géopolitique, elle a également enseigné à l’Ecole Supérieure des Forces de Sécurité Intérieure.

Depuis 2019, elle participe au lancement d’une nouvelle licence en Géopolitique et Relations Internatioales au département géographie de la Faculté de la Monouba.

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Nursin Atesoglu GÜNEY

Professor, International Relations & Foreign policy 🇹🇷, Istanbul

Professeur, Conseillère, Istanbul, Turquie Nursin Atesoglu Güney is professor of international relations in Nisantasi University and a member of Turkey’s Presidential Security and Foreign Policies Council. She is president of CEMES, the Center of Mediterranean Security.

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Lecturer, expert in Défense & Cyber Security 🇬🇪, Tartu

Amb. Shota Gvineria joined the Baltic Defence College as à lecturer in Defence and Cyber Studies in July 2019. He is also a non-resident fellow at the Economic Policy Research Center since 2017. Previously, Amb. Gvineria held various positions in Georgia’s public sector, such as the Deputy Secretary at the National Security Council of Georgia. He covered NATO’s integration and security policy related issues as the Ambassador at Large in the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Georgia. Until August 2016, he held the position of the Foreign Policy Advisor to the Minister of Defense of Georgia. From 2010-14, he served as the Ambassador of Georgia to the Kingdom of the Netherlands. In 2010, Amb. Gvineria was promoted to the position of a Director of European Affairs Department at the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Georgia. Prior to that, he served as the Head of the NATO Division at the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Georgia. From April 2006 to October 2008, he was posted as the Counselor of the Georgian Mission to NATO. Amb. Gvineria holds MA in Strategic Security Studies from Washington’s National Defense University. He also earned his MA in International Relations from the Diplomatic School of Madrid and Public Administration from the Georgian Technical University.

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Professor, Turkish foreign policy 🇹🇷, Istanbul

Prof. Dr. Vişne Korkmaz is professor of International Relations at NisantasiUniversity. She is vice-director of a research center, CEMES, Center of Mediterranean Security. Prof. Dr. Korkmaz has also given lectures at the National Defense University of the Turkish Republic on current affairs and regional security issues in the Middle East, Russia, Caucasus, and the national security strategies of Turkey. Her research interests cover IR theories, FP theories, regional security and security issues, Russian, American, and Turkish foreign policy. She is the author of several books and has published several scholarly papers, chapters, and articles on these issues, including a recently published piece with Nursin Guney.



Lecturer, Maritime Security 🇲🇦🇫🇷, Malmö

Lecturer at the World Maritime University in Stockholm, Dr Khanssa Lagdami joined WMU in 2015 as a Researcher. Her areas of expertise are Law of the Sea, Ocean governance and policy, Marine environmental law, maritime security, maritime transport and new technologies. Khanssa carries over than 10 years of experience as a Researcher in maritime and ocean affairs. Her research interests involve project creation, project management as well as capacity building and training (especially for developing countries).

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Professor, Art & Architecture History 🇩🇪, Hamburg

Seit 2002 Seminare, Kunst für Unternehmen, Kunst- Coaching, Führungen, Vorträge, Publikationen. Gründerin der Agentur für Kunstverstand Wissenschaftliche Mitarbeiterin an der Universität Hamburg, Aufbau des Warburg-Hauses. Vertretungsprofessuren in Jena, Halle, Berlin (HU). Studium Kunstgeschichte an den Universitäten Bonn und Hamburg.
Stipendiatin am Zentralinstitut für Kunstgeschichte, München.

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Professor, Defense, Risk, Foresight, Risk management, 🇧🇪 Brussels

He is a visiting Professor at Vesalius College in Brussels, the Riga graduate School of Law and Blanquerna University in Barcelona, teaching courses on peace, security, development and on Global terrorism and radicalization. He is a senior academic specialist on global terrorism and radicalization with numerous interventions in conference and media on these topics. He has served as an expert on the Parliamentary Commissions on the impact of terrorism both in France after the 13 November 2015 Paris attacks and in Belgium after the 22 March 2016 Brussels attacks. He is involved in the support of the victims of terrorist acts.

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Oana Mihaela VLADU

Lecturer in Crisis Management 🇷🇴, Bucharest

Professeur associé invité à l’Université de la Défense nationale “Carol I”, Faculté de sécurité et de défense, Département des opérations multinationales, études stratégiques et de sécurité. European Diplômé de Master en sciences militaires et de l’information, Curriculum « Crisis Management and Conflict Prevention, “Carol I” National Defense University, Bucarest, promotion 2013. Thèse de doctorat dans le domaine de l’information et de la sécurité nationale, Université de la défense nationale “Carol I”, Bucarest, 2013-2016, complétée par la soutenance de la thèse de doctorat “Evolution des stratégies euro-atlantiques pour la prévention et la gestion des conflits dans l’après-guerre froide période ».

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