Trocadéro Forum Institute

Taking on new challenges requires a new skill set.
And a concert of nations engaged in leadership and diplomacy.

The Trocadéro Forum Institute brings together world renowned scholars and academics who will provide you with a 360° view of the challenges we face in Sustainable development, and duly prepare you for the leadership challenges of today and tomorrow.

No barriers, just doors to open. Are you ready for the challenge ?

Trocadéro Forum Institute

A 2-year Masters in

Sustainable Leadership & Diplomacy

Our two-year Masters program entirely online gives you access to the best professors on 3 continents, in several language tracks (English, French, German, Turkish) and a curriculum designed to prepare you for the professional challenges that await you. Diplomacy, Governance, Geopolitics, Economic Diplomacy, Maritime Security, Contemporary Security, Cybersecurity, Circular Culture or Intercultural Mediation are just a sampling of the courses we offer on three different language tracks.

Learn from the best. Applications are open on April 4th, 2022 for the Fall term which starts September 5, 2022.

Trocadéro Forum Institute

Paris, Brussels, Bucharest, Budapest, Hamburg, Istanbul, Malmö, Tartu, or Tunis?

Our faculty are located in Paris, Brussels, Bucharest, Budapest, Hamburg, Istanbul, Malmö, Tartu, and Tunis. As our program is entirely online, we do offer the opportunity to our professors and students to meet up regularly. From April 2022, in the inscription period, you will be able to meet them in one of our nine locations. Throughout the academic year, your classes will be online, but you will be able to meet up with your professors regularly.

We have developed three main language tracks : English, French and Turkish. Stay tuned for additional tracks!