TFI is open to partnerships from like-minded institutions, academic partners and companies eager to train the next generation of Sustainable Leaders.

The Trocadéro Forum Institute (TFI) is a Paris-based non-profit organisation (Association 1901) and seeks to provide its expertise and training in the academic domain, in the private and public sectors, with the ultimate goal of preparing our leaders to guide us to a Sustainable, ethical and equitable future, along the guidelines and principles of the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals (SDG).

TFI’s President, Ellen Wasylina, was recently in Istanbul, where she signed an MOU with her long-time colleague and friend, Dr. Tolga Sakman, Chairman of DIPAM (Center for Diplomatic Affairs and Political Science). Here is the link to their website :

Here below are the main areas of cooperation as per the MOU .

Seminars, Conferences

The parties will jointly organise and encourage to convene on forums, seminars, conferences and round table sessions. A series of forums and round table meetings on issues of common concern.

Visits, Exchange

The parties will collaborate to promote mutual visits and exchanges, such as meetings on questions of common interest and expert to expert consultations of the two countries.


The parties of the two countries will publish joint academic works and publicise through the appropriate channels.

We will realize fruitful programs and projects with the capabilities and capacities of the two institutions. Areas such as internationalization, developing and applying different types of diplomacy are important for both institutions and will be at the core of our cooperation. TFI will be one of our important partners within the framework of the interactions that we are trying to develop in many parts of the world”

Dr. Tolga Sakman, Chairman, DIPAM

Let’s make something beautiful together.