Belle Rentrée 2022!

Welcome back to work or to school, after a nice Summer break. This may be the first time many of you could travel since the pandemic, and how nice is it was, n’est-ce pas?

The Trocadéro Forum Institute, its board and founding members, its professors, are all eager to get started to train the next generation in Sustainable Leadership & Diplomacy, putting Sustainability at the heart of any management or diplomatic décision the leadership may make.

We are now seeking out academic partnerships and accreditation, companies that desire to train their upcoming leaders in Sustainabilty, sponsors that wish to support our non-profit organisation, or members that wish to join and support TFI and its vision and mission.

We sincerely believe that we can make a difference, all of us here at TFI, in a dozen countries, by creating awareness and zooming in on the acute challenges of our time, by putting the focus on Sustainability, on the UN SDGs, and providing the knowledge, the insight, transmitting our expertise and experience from our multicultural team.

Please reach out and let’s talk about how we can, together, prepare the upcoming leaders for the challenges and crisis that we are currently facing. Tomorrow may be too late…