The President spoke at the Istanbul Security Forum

Just back from several marvelous days in Istanbul , May 2-3 , for the first #Istanbul #Security Forum , where I was honored to be invited to a panel entitled “Challenges on #Governance of Global Security : #nuclear proliferation, #technology, #energy and #environment . My speech was entitled « The impacts of #climatechange on global security », and divided into 3 parts : #geopolitics , #geoeconomics , and #energy .
My sincere thanks to the organisers , and to my friends and colleagues .

Thé speech is now available in podcast format :

Here are a few extracts :
Part 1 Geopolitics : « It’s a new #ColdWar based on energy, in a race to save our planet. While this is certainly a very noble and necessary goal, it will once again divide our world into those countries which have the technology to transition and those which do not. Not only do they now need to transform how they produce and use fossil fuels, they also need to transform their entire economies and invest in R & D to create new industries, new cars, new digital technologies, which will inevitably result in new geopolitical security challenges. Because of these necessary and legally binding transitions, the world will experience many power shifts and challenges at the geopolitical level in historic fossil fuel energy providers/exporters as Saudi Arabia, Iran, UAE, Qatar, Russia, Venezuela, where the greatest reserves of #oil and #gas are located.

Part 2 : Geoeconomics : « The real test is geoeconomic, as we were witness during the COVID pandemic : trade came to a halt, many people lost their jobs, many countries went into debt trying to prop up large swaths of the economy, businesses, even though many sectors were completely shuttered, such as tourism, hotels and restaurants. And our #supplychains were put to the test. And the same will take place as we attempt to green our economy, to transform our businesses to be more resilient, less dependent on external, faraway suppliers, as many countries like France attempt to re-industrialise and create more industries and jobs at home. Now is the time to implement new policies based on Economic Social Governance (#ESG) norms and business practices that reduce #risk and increase value , such as B-corp enterprises. »

Part 3 : Energy : «The major deposits of #lithium, estimated to be at 14 million tons, are located in Chile, which has the largest world reserves at 8 million tons, followed by Australia, with 2.7 million tons, and in third place China, with reserves of 1 million tons. The extraction methods in South America consist of bringing lithium containing saltwater up to the surface from underground lakes. Farmers have complained that this method is resulting in #droughts for agricultural and livestock farming. »

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