Training the next generation of leaders in Sustainable Leadership and cultural diplomacy

How would you like to choose and support the next generation of leaders in Sustainable Leadership and cultural diplomacy ?

The Trocadéro Forum Institute (TFI), a Paris-based non-profit organisation (Association 1901), has the ambition to train the next generation of leaders, who will put Sustainability at the heart of the management process, reducing risks and creating value for stakeholders and shareholders .

You can now nominate a young person, who you would like to support and mentor for a 1 or 2-year period through our program, creating a beautiful wave of talented, bright and resilient leaders who can lead our society for the next generation and set us on a path of political, economic and social stability .

Here is the form for a candidate and/or mentor to fill out:

We are available to speak and meet with you in 10 cities/countries, represented by our dedicated members of our team, who speak your language : in Paris, Bucharest, Budapest, Brussels, Dubai, Hamburg, Istanbul, Malmö, Tartu, Tunis

You can make a difference…a sustainable difference.

Thank you ! Merci beaucoup ! Vielen Dank ! Grazie mille !

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